This one is for all the busy mamas out there.

You know who you are – coffee stain on your shirt and cheerios in your hair. You’ve picked up the kids and dropped them off, you’ve cooked, you’ve cleaned and you’ve gone shopping. You’ve talked to your sweetie, talked to your friends, done your work for your job.

You never stop with the hustle. You never quit. You never give up.

And I know, you can feel ignored sometimes.

You work so hard, and hardly ever get a break. You’re running around, doing thankless jobs. And you always feel the pressure to be on, to do better.

Well, I’m here to say thank you.

Thank you for all your hard work. For never giving up. For caring every day for the people around you!

I know it’s not always easy, but the world needs you. Your community, your family, and your world is a better place because you are there. Because you are you. Because you are giving it your all every damn day.

And I’m also here to give you permission to celebrate yourself.

You work hard. You deserve to celebrate everything you do. Take time to reflect on your accomplishments. Take time to reflect on all the beautiful and amazing traits you possess. Do something that lights up your heart and makes you excited.

So often, we forget to prioritize ourselves, but it is important to celebrate who we are by doing the things we love, and taking the time to figure out what that is. What is it that brings you life? Once you start to find the answer to that question, you’ll be able to really celebrate yourself.

It seems like when people talk about celebrating themselves, they often talk about it in terms of vices. They treat themselves with unhealthy food, alcohol, excessive spending, etc.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always something out there that can bring you life, and that’s also fun, healthy, and fills you with joy. Maybe it’s yoga or meditation. Maybe it’s riding horses. Maybe it’s hiking. Maybe it’s cooking.

Whatever it is, take time to celebrate yourself this month by doing a healthy activity that brings you life and joy.

How are you celebrating yourself? Reach out and let me know. I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing to celebrate myself too!