Our big network convention was last week in Dallas.

Talk about an outrageously exciting event!! Over 25,000 people sharing dreams and ideas. I got to meet a lot of people for the first time who I’ve only ever talked to over the phone or on Facebook.

Women who have poured their heart and soul into making a better life for themselves – women who made me really proud to know!

There’s just something amazing about a strong group of individuals coming together who believe in the same values. Who believe in doing whatever it takes to achieve their dreams!

A really important part of my business is helping others to become leaders and encouraging them to see real growth in their lives. When we work with others in this kind of business, love language is so important.

I’m talking about how we communicate with each other. I’m talking about how we interact with each other within not only our lives and our families’ lives, but in our workplace as well.

There’s a famous book out there called The Five Love Languages, which describes the ways in which different people prefer to give and receive love from their partners, and how you can make each type feel most appreciated.

You might have seen some of those quizzes out there that help you improve your relationships.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying we find our romantic partners in the office!

But – I am saying that these five languages of love can also be applied to the ways in which we interact with our team members at work.

These are relationships too, after all. Your clients and co-workers see you at your best and your worst, and it’s important for everybody involved to be happy! That’s why it’s so essential to think about the ways in which we communicate with others in any kind of relationship.

What do you do to encourage leaders and growth in others?

What does your team need from you?

How are you listening to their needs while also pushing them forward?

Here’s an outline of the five ways that people feel loved—and how you can apply that to your relationships at work.

Quality Time

There are those people that really like good, quality one-on-one time, in person! Texting or emailing once in a while isn’t good enough.

This can totally be true with clients, who want to feel comfortable in a relationship before moving forward with a sale. Try taking them out for lunch or coffee, saying hi at their office or if you’re in different time zones, literally FaceTime them or schedule a Skype meeting.

If you work at a typical office from 9am-5pm, this might also mean face time with the company. Some managers will really notice a difference if they visibly see you throughout the day – arriving early, staying late, or eating in the workplace break room. If you want to show you’re a team player, don’t rush out the door at 5pm or skip that company softball game.


Have you ever gotten flowers or a box of chocolates on a date? Try using that mentality in the workplace.

This can be a literal gift, like a promotional item, or a gift basket for the holidays. It can also be information – like sending your clients a really useful article or an invitation to an event.

These are great ways to show the person that you care, and you also want the relationship to continue to thrive.

Words of Affirmation

Some people won’t be so wooed by your box of chocolates or your face-time meeting, but will really appreciate a thank you card.

Just a simple note thanking them for their business and showing your gratitude.

If you have teammates, thank them for their hard work! Who doesn’t like being told they’re doing a good job?? Not only will this boost their self-esteem, but it will create a healthier and happier work environment too.

Acts of Service

Think about all the little things we do for each other when we’re in a relationship. We take out the trash, do the dishes, cook dinner. This is our way of showing our love.

It sounds so simple, but this goes a long way with our clients and our teammates too! It doesn’t have to be anything big – just think about little ways to show that extra effort. Delivering something by hand, offering a personal discount, or going the distance and making travel reservations for your client can go a long way!

Offer to grab coffee or go to the post office for your co-workers. They will probably love that you thought to ask!

Physical Touch

While in some ways this is more centered around romantic relationships, it’s also pretty important for business.

For a lot of people, physicality can have a lot to do with trust. They physically feel comfortable around you if they trust you, and sometimes vice versa.

People who speak this language in a couple would really love hugs, public displays of affection, and other physical contact.

So think about stuff like handshakes. You want a firm, confident handshake that elicits trust. You also want to know the right time to hug your team member or give them a high five!


So these are just some of the ways to encourage love and harmony in the office. It’ll take some time to figure out who appreciates what, but it’s worth the time to get to know your clients and your team so that everybody’s happy and working together toward the same goal.

Spread the love! Reach out if you have any questions 🙂