I used to worry about my weight, and tried all sorts of different products to drop those pounds.

The thing is, I was focused on the wrong thing.

I was focused on the number on the scale, when I needed to focus on how I felt!

I meet so many people who are looking for the next fad diet or some special trick to losing weight.

But here’s the thing – there is NO quick fix. There never will be.

Weight management is the only WAY!

Is there a magic solution to rapid weight loss? No, it takes time. There’s just no way around it.

It takes discipline and hard work, and understanding yourself and your body.

That’s what I focused on.

I became aware of the importance of how we treat our bodies and what we put into them. Our bodies need ongoing nutrition and healthy workout routines.

For me, that meant a lifestyle change that really allowed me to consistently do what’s right for my body and my mind.

So how do you get started? What are some ways to make healthy choices that will make a difference in the long term?

  •      Only eat when you’re hungry! Enjoy your food with every bite 🙂

  •      Try new foods – that unhealthy snack is your favorite, sure, but what if there’s a healthier alternative out there for you?

  •      Get moving in the AM! I know, I sound like a mom, but after a good night’s sleep, start your day with something nutritious and by being active.

  •      Start actually drinking water throughout the day, and you’ll feel the difference in your energy levels.

  •      When we don’t eat, we can get hangry. Think about it like this: you start your day with your phone fully charged. When you don’t eat your breakfast, you’re starting your day with a half-charged body!

  •      Make a pact with a friend. You’ll start eating more veggies or you’ll try to make sure that every meal includes protein. The key is to stick to your pact! If you’ve made a pact with a friend, call or text them to check in. It’s so easy to eat well all day, then let yourself eat extra dessert! Keeping in touch with your pact buddy benefits both you AND your friend.

  •      Walk! It’s gotten so easy to get around these days. I mean, if you don’t drive or use public transportation, isn’t it easier to Uber to work? Sometimes it seems like we don’t have time to walk or bike, but try to ease into it with baby steps. Park your car a little further away from work, or get dropped off further away.

Starting good eating habits and adding more exercise into your daily routine will increase your energy, ease your mind and get you feeling great without having to worry about your weight.

If you always take the easy way out, you’ll actually end up fighting harder to lose weight in the long run.

Look I KNOW it’s frustrating to think there’s no quick fix.

Maybe you go on some crazy diet and lose a few pounds, but they come right back!

When you exercise more and eat better, you don’t have to try to keep the weight off.

That’s the beauty of it!  These things are connected to your mental well-being, and they reinforce the positive aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Eat well, move well and think well!

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