I am a mom and a business owner, and let me tell you, it is crazy hard to keep up with it all. I am always on the go, and sometimes it honestly just feels like everything is getting out of hand. It’s so hard to stay balanced.

But I have found ways to do it. Through trial and error, hard work, and persistence, (not to mention a little bit of wine) I’ve been able to move my way out of the overwhelm and into a healthy, balanced life.

And guess what? It wasn’t all about taking huge leaps forward. I took little, intentional steps to a balanced, organized life, and they have paid off.

Here are some of the little things I do that get me the balanced life that I love.

Set your intention every morning 

I set aside 10 minutes at the beginning of every day to have some quiet time and set my intention. Who do I want to be today?

So often when we hear about quiet times, we hear about gurus who have dedicated their entire life to meditation, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even just setting aside 10 minutes every morning to clear my mind and get centered is an amazing way to make sure I am productive, calm, and focused throughout my day.

Use your crockpot

I know it sounds so simple, but boy oh boy did my crockpot change my life.

Seriously though, instead of spending hours on dinner every night, I just throw something in at the beginning of the day and wait for it to cook. I’m able to get so much done while it’s cooking, and I don’t have to worry along the way.

Plus, it’s easy to make food that is super healthy and delicious in your slowcooker.

Bonus tip – crock pots are a great way to sneak some extra veggies into your diet. If you’ve got any picky eaters in the family, not to worry. I love slipping secret veggies into my family meals. Mash some cauliflower into your cheese sauce for pastas, throw some spinach into your slow cooked stews. Whatever it is, it can be tasty and nutritious without being overbearing.

Make your day planner beautiful 

I am super picky about my day planners. They have to be beautiful, clean, and intuitive. Know why? Because if they weren’t, I wouldn’t even touch it.

Organizing is not my natural strength. I have to work for it. But making my day planner beautiful and easy to read has made me that much more motivated to write things down.

I use my favorite pens to mark in everything I need to do, and choose different colors for different projects. I use my silver glitter pen for things related to my kids’ activities, purple for work, and pink for my social obligations.

Planning doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be fun and beautiful.

Switch out one cup of coffee a day

How many of you drink more than one cup of coffee a day? And be real, how many times is that cup of coffee more of a deluge of cream and sugar?

Coffee can be a bad habit – it dehydrates us, it costs money, it’s often chock full of add on ingredients, and we rely on it for energy when we should be doing other things to stay healthy.

Now, I’m not asking you to quit coffee cold turkey. But what I am asking is that every day you switch out one cup of coffee for a glass of water. Bonus points if you take a vitamin supplement along with it.

This way, instead of wasting your money on something that’s not good for you, you get to boost your energy, and keep your body going strong for absolutely free.

Reflect on your day

Set aside 10 minutes at the end of every day to reflect on how it went. Spend the time thinking about whether or not you met your intention, and then say some things you’re grateful for.

By taking time to debrief, you’ll begin to realize how well you are reaching your goals, and how you can be reaching your goals even faster. You’ll also start to feel more positive, because you’re taking time to practice gratitude.

I know things are crazy and that it can feel like you’re barely keeping it together sometimes, but believe me, you can.

And it doesn’t have to be through these crazy drastic changes. Honestly, is that even sustainable?

By looking for little ways to incorporate more health and balance into your life, soon enough, you’ll be living the balanced life you’ve always wanted.

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